About Us

We, as GEOSURVEY, dedicate ourselves to help mining and industrial projects with eco-friendly aspect. We turn the technologies, which reduces the environmental pollution, into the services in favor of sustainability and quality for natural life. We run our projects with this eco-friendly consciousness and certify the leak-tightness of the applications in an attempt not to have environmental waste, by performing final control and inspections with our professional technical team as well high-tech and certificated equipment. We enlarge the dimension of the geosynthetic products performance for your projects by providing the reasonable, fast and economical solutions.


Our vision is to be closely related to the latest technological innovations and contribute to provide the habitable environment for next generation by using high technologies.


Our mission is to give fastest feedbacks to your expectations by integrating our professional team and high technology.

Quality Management

We offer full services till the end, without sacrificing quality, in every step of your project with our accreditation and calibration certificated professional team and equipment in the field of supervisor services by responding American Society for Testing and Materials standards.